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Missing Your Brows???

Microblading Before and After

The above beautiful gal struggled for years with her brows...lack there of brows. I really had no idea that this was such a struggle for her. I had worked with her for a few years never knowing that really caused some insecurity for her.

I always saw her as this young beautiful mama (whose kiddos I adore) that was super confident about herself. This goes to show you never know the struggles someone is dealing with!


The Smile Says it all in her Microblading Before and After Shots

One of the things I do in my process that may be a little different than artists, I give my clients the hand mirror to whenever they want, they can look at the progression of their brows. I invite each client to be part of the process the whole way through. While some choose not to participate most do. My beautiful friend was one that wanted to share in the creative process with me what her wants and goals were with enhancing her brows. I view each set of brows like a work of art, so it is an absolutely must that I have input. I of course give my professional input & opinion, but truly it is your face, so they need to be good with whatever we do! I say we because it is joint collaboration! Microblading is an art.

Happiness in my client's faces...That is what I strive for! Tears of happiness even better! She couldn't stop looking at her brows. That is why I do what I do! I love it and have a true passion for helping women (believe or not men too)! Call or text me to answer any questions you may have!

This is what I love to see... pure happiness! Many of my clients become friends and some even become like family! I look forward to the opportunity to help you enhance your brows!

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